Our Goal

EU4PFM goal is to enhance public finance management in Ukraine, ensuring the provision of quality public services as well create attractive business environment.

Component 1: Support relevant national institutions in the improvement of budget preparation, implementation and control

Public finance management (PFM) is a priority area for the EU – Ukraine relations. Strong PFM systems are essential for sound management of taxpayers’ money and to promote effective and sustainable economic development, trade and business climate, and public service delivery. Good PFM systems are also indispensable in ensuring that EU and other donor assistance is used effectively to achieve reform goals. PFM is covered in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, is necessary for Macro-Financial Assistance and a general condition for budget support. The reform of public finances is also part of the current IMF programme with Ukraine.

The proposed EU assistance programme on PFM will provide a major impetus to the implementation of the Government PFM Strategy. In line with the PFM strategy, Ukraine’s commitments under the Association Agreement and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, the Component: 1 Budget Process Modernization will be implemented.

Component 2: Public expenditure

Components 3 & 4: Revenue mobilisation & Horizontal functions and governance

The Components 3 and 4 of the Project are combined into a separate project. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the State Customs Service of Ukraine jointly with the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine are the Partners of the Components 3 and 4.
Component 3 of the Program concerns the strengthening of institutional and organizational capacity of public finance management system in the implementation and realization of a modern strategy to promote the taxpayers’ compliance with the tax legislation; effective risk management; expanding the tax base, in particular by improving the exchange of tax information with other countries; harmonization of tax and customs legislation of Ukraine with the EU law; introduction of the best world practices in the tax and customs spheres.
Component 4 of the Program will provide a support to the public financial management system in Ukraine on the development and implementation of modern methods of the human resource management, including anti-corruption measures, adaptation and automation of work processes, improvement of planning, implementation and monitoring of reforms.