Project Leadership:

Ms. Jurgita Domeikiene

Team Leader, International Key Expert on HR/PAR

More than 22 years professional experience in Lithuanian Public Administration Coordinator of different Government reforms: institutional framework, strategic management, civil service, open governance, quality management.
More than 18 years of experience in senior or middle management level in the Lithuanian Public Administration institutions (Prime Minister Office, line ministries) Representative of Lithuania in EU Public Administration Network, OECD Public Governance Committee. More than 5 years of experience in Twinning projects as International expert (Moldova, Azerbaijan).
Master in Business Administration and Management, Vilnius University

HR/PAR stream:

Mr. Edvardas Žukauskas

International Mid-term Expert on HR/PAR

Over 20 years of professional experience in Public Administration. Experience ranges from the preparation of Civil Service and Public Administration reforms to implementing policies on personnel management and creating HRM tools, working as a Deputy Head of Lithuanian Civil Service agency, adviser in the Prime Minister office. Has many years of expert experience in advising Eastern Partnership countries on Civil Service reforms. Master’s Degree in Law.

Ms. Ganna Avetiuk

National Project Coordinator  on HR/PAR

More than 13 years of experience of working in various EU projects.  Began international career working in EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine and thus has been a mediator between the national agencies and EU experts for 9 years.Has been involved in various events, workshops and trainings where obtained great interpersonal and organisational skills.

Tax Stream:

Mr. Paulius Majauskas

International Key Expert on Tax reform

More than 25 years of experience in tax and customs duties administration area working for Lithuanian State Tax Service and Ministry of Finance. Chairing Working Party on Tax Questions in EU Council during Lithuanian Presidency. Aligning national legislation with the EU acquis on tax administration. Starting from 2003 representation of LT position in the EU Council working groups and the EU Commission’s committees.

Ms. Mariana Muzychuk

National Project Coordinator  on Tax reform

More then 13 years of experience in tax area, including positions of a Tax lead of in multi-national companies as well as the consultancy experience. Responsible for planning and managing complex projects, combining process, organizational change, and technology workstreams. Student at PhD Economic  Program, Master’s degree in Economy, Bachelor’s degree in Law.

IT stream:

Ms. Kateryna Korvin-Piotrovska

National Project Coordinator  on IT 

More than 15 years of experience of implementation of technical assistance projects, including 8 years at project management positions at several UN agencies. Coordinated complex multi-partner and high-value programmes or their components funded by the EU, the UN, GIZ, USAID, GEF. Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and experienced in public procurements as per international standards (CIPS certificate). Masters degrees in Public Finance Management and in the English Language (Interpreter)

Customs stream:

Mr. Vytenis Ališauskas

International Key Expert on Customs reform

More than 25 years of experience in the Customs area working as a Deputy Director General of the Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania and as a Deputy Director of Customs Information Systems Centre and also as a Head of IT Division of the Regional Customs. Over 15 years of experience in international environment managing and coordinating Technical Assistance projects financed by US Government and European Commission. Degree in Electronic Engineering, Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Ms. Kateryna Danilchenko

National Project Coordinator  on Customs reform

Around 13 years of professional experience in the sphere of international relations and international technical assistance, in particular in the Branch Office of Joint Technical Secretariat of Joint Operational Programme “Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova” and European Border Assistance Mission to Ukraine and Moldova. Master degree in intrernational relations.

Administrative Office:

Mr. Oleg Semenenko

Change Management Officer

More than 26 years of experience, including in managerial positions, in Ukrainian authorities, of which more than 7 years of work in the OSCE field missions. In the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the OSCE implemented and coordinated activities and the Council of Europe, OSCE and UN projects on strengthening of the rule of law, protection of human rights, constitutional and electoral reforms, development of civil society and confidence-building and partnership between the state and society, in Ukrainian customs and fiscal authorities. Ph. D. in Politics, Master’s Degree in International Relations and in Finance, Banking and Insurance.

Ms. Tetiana Opiopchenko

Administration Officer

Total of 9 years of experience in Audit, Finance and Project Management, working for one of the BIG4 companies and other global corporations in Ukraine, Georgia and India. Master’s degree in International accounting and auditing.

Ms. Valeria Baranets

Administration Officer

Working both in business and development projects, I specialise in Accounting, Administration & Grants management; most of all, I try to follow my own adage ‘Heart Above the Head’.

Press Office:

Ms. Oksana Lysenko

Lead Communication Officer

More than 25 years of experience in communications, including more than 12 years in journalism and 13 years in state communications. She has a master’s degree in journalism, public administration and law. She has considerable experience of implementing reforms in the field of state judicial communications development, and long-term experience of cooperation with international technical assistance projects in Ukraine as Ukrainian-Canadian Support for Judicial Reform Project (SJRP), EU Project Pravo-Justice, USAID New Justice Program.

Ms. Iryna Nefed

Communication Officer

More than 15 years of experience in Project Management and Communications, including 5 years of experience in implementing reforms and government communications in Ukraine. As a part of multi-donor organization, served at the diplomatic mission on building networking and building effective relationships with governmental agencies of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan on development of CBRN security projects and implementation of CBRN security culture activities. Served as the Communications Lead at Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine and leaded the communication stream at the State Customs Service of Ukraine.