On 18th of June 2019, EU4PFM Programme kick-off meeting was held

The components of the EU4PFM Program are aimed at supporting tax and customs reforms, as well as capacity building for public financial management, in particular in the field of IT and HR. The European Union allocates 29.5 million euros for their implementation. The total budget of the program is 55 million euros, and the completion of its activities is expected in 2022.

Deputy Finance Minister Yuriy, Head of the State Tax Service Serhiy Verlanov, Head of the European Commission Support Group at the European Commission Peter M. Wagner, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania Daiva Braziunaite, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine Marius Janukonis, EU4PFM Program Manager Egon Veerme Heletiy took part in the forum on the occasion of the project opening with the participation of international experts, CPMA, representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, EuroPAF, GIZ, IMF, NACS, US Treasury, World Bank, USAID, SGUA, SIDA, SIGMA, LOGICa, BRDO.

“The development of an efficient, competitive economy and the improvement of the business climate in Ukraine require systemic reform of the public finance sector. Today, we are launching the third and fourth components of the EU4PFM program, aimed at supporting tax and customs reforms and building public finance management capacity. The implementation of our European integration commitments requires constant professional support from EU experts, – said Yuriy Heletiy, Deputy Minister of Finance for European Integration. “We expect from experts practical effective advice, support at the sites of other branches of government, honest and objective assessment of the results of the work of the Ministry’s team in communication with the public, business environment and other international organizations.”