Round Table discussion and Drafting sessions on HR issues

During the Round Table discussion and Drafting sessions on HR issues EU experts from EU4PFM programme advised Ukrainian counterparts on concept adaptation of the EU Customs Competency Framework to the national needs for the State Customs Service of Ukraine, precisely, to develop and implement the modern HRM policies. It would help to deliver better, more effective service to citizens and businesses as well as to reduce corruption vulnerability. Results of the Drafting sessions could be also implemented for other Ukrainian Public Finance Management institutions (Ukrainian State Tax Service and Ministry of Finance).  

Mr. Arunas Adomenas, Senior Adviser on Customs Policy at Lithuanian Customs, opened a discussion with a discourse on the importance of EU Competency Framework as guidelines developed for EU Customs administrations to help them meeting a challenge of implementation of new Union customs legislation. He stated: «Union Customs Code provides for many changes in customs daily operations, development of new IT systems, introducing new simplifications of customs formalities, etc. All these changes will have to be made by customs officials. They will need to develop new competencies to implement new legislation. Ukrainian Customs are facing similar challenges today therefore EU Customs Competency Framework is one of the ways to improve HRM policies”.  

The presentations were followed by the joint drafting sessions. Based on the procedures, it was decided to conduct a recruitment management system that would allow to effectively track and search for the most quality candidates; to conceive a training management system for enhancing efficiency of employees, and to initiate a motivation and reward system in order to stimulate graduates and entry level specialists to join the team. Leaning on concept adaptation of the EU Customs Competency Framework, the implementation of outcomes was decided to start in the middle of October, 2019.