Starting December 1, 2023, Ukraine will start using the NCTS Phase 5 system, having successfully completed all testing phases

The implementation of this advanced version of the electronic transit system (NCTS Phase 5) marks a major milestone for EU4PFM and the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Despite the onset of the war in Ukraine, the development of the IT solution began in spring 2022 and has recently been finalized.

The successful completion of all testing stages of the NCTS Phase 5 system, as outlined by the General Directorate for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission (DG TAXUD) under Conformance Testing, positions Ukraine to transition to more advanced version of the NCTS electronic transit system.

“Ukraine continues to demonstrate its commitment to fulfilling obligations following its accession to the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure. We are set to switch to the NCTS Phase 5 from December 1, 2023. Despite ongoing military actions, not only have we met deadlines, but we are also prepared to assist other countries to pass international testing (Mode 3),” stated Vladyslav Suvorov, Deputy Head of the State Customs Service.

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated NCTS section “NCTS Phase 5” of the SCS web-site developed with EU4PFM support:

It’s important to note that countries participating in the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure are required to transition to the application of NCTS Phase 5 within the specified timeframe determined by DG TAXUD. Ukraine’s readiness to adhere to this was a crucial condition for joining the Convention. The development of the new system was funded within the framework of the EU4PFM project.