EU COVID-19 response: State Customs Service of Ukraine received 200 laptops and VC equipment via EU Public Finance Management Support Programme (EU4PFM)

The European Union, through the EU Public Finance Management Support Programme (EU4PFM), this week reached out to State Customs Service in Ukraine with 200 laptops and video conferencing equipment donations to assist them to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The EU’s response to COVID-19 focuses on limiting the spread of the virus, ensuring the provision of medical
equipment, promoting research for treatments and vaccines, supporting jobs, businesses and the economy.

Provision of laptops and video conferencing equipment to Ukrainian Customs Service is viewed as a primary means of
reducing operational and traveling costs, allowing high-level communication and collaboration with customs officers,
other relevant agencies and international entities in order to be more productive during COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to
high level of decentralization structure of SCS having a number of territorial bodies and other offices, it’s crucial to
ensure secured and of a high-quality channel of communication among all departments. Additionally, provision of
laptops will also give a possibility to work from home, participate in trainings and workshops in view of possible second
wave of COVID-19 as SCS have small number of laptops with Internet access operational.
Martin Klaucke quoting” ‒ Martin Klaucke, Head of Operations Section 1 “Good Governance and Democratisation”,

The donation is the latest part of a EU4PFM Programme assistance worth approximately €340,000. More broadly, the
EU has already announced a €190 million support package for Ukraine. This is part of the EU and its Member States’
global #TeamEurope COVID-19 response package. These funds are being spent on supplies of medical equipment,
medical staff training and mitigation of the COVID-19 economic impact.

The Public Finance Management Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM) has its overall objective to improve Public Finance
Management in Ukraine as well as public services and the business climate. The specific Programme implemented by
Lithuania’s CPMA supporting tax and customs reforms and capacity building in Public Finance Management aims at (i)
further development of a modern, efficient and fair revenue collection system and (ii) enhancing organizational
capacities of PFM institutions, precisely in human resource management, anti-corruption and implementing IT
solutions. The overall budget of the Programme is EUR 29.5 mln (including the IT Fund) with the implementation period
of 4 years.
Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) founded in 2003 by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania,
has more than 15 years of experience in management and implementation of various EU and other international
donors’ programmes.
For additional information, please contact Iryna Nefed via or at +38 067 676 21 02