The first Steering Committee meeting of the EU Public Finance Management Support Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM) took place

Kyiv, 13 December, 2019

The public finance management programme EU4PFM together with the Ministry of Finance and EU Delegation chaired the first Steering Committee meeting being held in Kyiv, on December 13 in order to discuss the results and achieved deliverables of 2019 and to set the foreseen outcomes for 2020.

The Steering Committee comprises of the State Tax and Customs Services officials as well as the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine and the State Treasury Servicerepresentatives.

Mr. Pavlo Khodakovsky, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine opened the meeting by highlighting the progress achieved by the Ministry of Finance in Tax and Customs Services, precisely in splitting them, transforming their structure and setting up the philosophy as well as building and enhancing their capacity building. Moreover, the MOF helped to revise, support and put forward the draft laws in tax and customs legislation on the topics of NCTS, AEO, post-release control in Customs, tariff & origin of goods, single window, etc.

Mr. Serhiy Verlanov, Head of the State Tax Service of Ukraine took the chance to present the achieved deliverables of 2019 which includes a newly formed entity of the State Tax Service and its new organizational approach, the establishment of electronic registers and the single payment account. The strategic directions for 2020 were set: to establish a single legal entity, to set a new operational model for tax payment, to digitalize tax processes and unify documents, to create the project management team and to invest into HR department.

Mr.Maxym Nefyodov, Head of the State Customs Service of Ukrainecontinued with the outcomes of 2019 such as getting in line with the budget, adopting and pre-launching the laws, increasing the imports and providing a better service. Also, from the IT side, the system for complaints was launched (call-center, online forms, chatbot). Besides these highlights, Mr. Maxym mentioned that the New State Customs Service has officially started working on December 9, 2019. For the upcoming year the expectations were stated: to improve the budget, to raise the level of imports and exports, to improve the quality of informational exchange between countries and to invest into people (return the experts who left due to the work conditions and encourage alumni to work in customs). 

After the speeches on the reform insights, Mrs. Loreta Maskaliovienė, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, Mr. Jonas Miškinis, Acting Head of the Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania and Mrs. Edita Janušienė, Head of State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania presented the Donation Procedure of the New Computerized Transit System Software application. “Lithuania is pleased to donate the copy of the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) software currently used in Lithuania”, Mrs. Loreta said. The EU4PFM experts Mrs. Jurgita Domeikiene, International Key Expert on Human Resources Management and Public Administration Reform,Mr. Vytenis Aliskauskas, EU4PFM International Key Expert on Customs and Mr. Jani Tapio Martikainen, International Key Expert on Taxsummarized the key elements of the Inception Phase and Initial Work Plan.

The Public Finance Management Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM) has its overall objective to improve Public Finance Management in Ukraine as well as public services and the business climate. The specific programme implemented by Lithuania’s CPMA supporting tax and customs reforms and capacity building in Public Finance Management aims at (i) further development of a modern, efficient and fair revenue collection system and (ii) enhancing organizational capacities of PFM institutions, precisely in human resource management, anti-corruption and implementing IT solutions. The overall budget of the programme is EUR 29.5 mln (including the IT Fund) with the implementation period of 4 years.

Central Project Management Agency (CPMAfounded in 2003 by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, has more than 15 years of experience in management and implementation of various EU and other international donors’ programmes.