Overall Objective:
The overall objective of the programme is to improve Public Finance Management in Ukraine,
thereby ultimately improving public service delivery and the business climate.

Specific objectives:

1. Support relevant national institutions in the improvement of budget preparation,
implementation and control.
Expected Results:
1.1. Strengthened capacities in MoF and other key spending units for the implementation of medium-
term budgetary planning.
1.2. Strengthened capacities in MoF and other KSUs regarding programme-based budgeting and
execution of spending reviews.
1.3. Strengthened capacities in the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and MoF regarding budget
execution function and liquidity management.
1.4. Strengthened capacities with regards to the further alignment of the Ukrainian accounting system
with international standards.
1.5. Strengthened capacities for public internal financial control including internal audit of public
Main activities
The following are indicative activities, which might be further complemented and adjusted to reach
the objectives of the programme