Important Notice:

The implementation of the activities of the Component 2 are in the planning process. The updated information will be introduced after the launch of Component 2.

1.Strengthen capacities in public investment and public asset management.
  • Support to automation of public investment management
  • Capacity building in public investment management
  • Capacity building in public asset management.
2. Strengthen capacities of SOEs on financial reporting and of ministries in monitoring of SOEs.
  • Support to diagnostic of financial performance and fiscal pressures of SOEs
  • Support to capacity building of oversight agencies
  • Development of tools and methodologies for monitoring SOEs financial statements.
3.Strengthen capacities in managing headcount and payroll controls through, inter alia, the roll out of an automated information system of Human resource management.
  • Support to implementation and rollout of HRMIS/Payroll system in central and subnational level of public administration in line with the HRMIS Concept adopted by the Government in December 2017
  • Ensure methodological support and guidelines in terms of change management and transformation of key HRM practices related to the rollout of the HRMIS/Payroll.
  • Support awareness raising and capacity building (training) of main users of the HRMIS/Payroll.