Call to participate in the market consultation for the procurement of “IT system Customs.Back 2.0 development services”

Dear Supplier,

The Public Institution Central Project Management Agency (hereinafter – CPMA) (Republic of Lithuania) plans to conduct a public procurement procedure for the State Customs Service of Ukraine with the aim of purchasing the services of the IT system Customs.Back 2.0 development (hereinafter – the Services) under implementation of the Contribution Agreement No. ENI/2018/404-165 signed on 19th of December, 2018 by the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and CPMA for the implementation of the EU funded “Public Finance Management Support Programme for Ukraine” (EU4PFM), Components 3 and 4 (hereinafter Project).The final owner and beneficiary of these Services is State Customs Service of Ukraine.

The Procurement of “IT system Customs.Back 2.0 development services”

Before announcing the international public procurement CPMA (a buyer of the Services) is performing market consultation concerning the Services.

Please find all the market consultation concerning the mentioned Services related information under the link: .

We kindly invite You to participate in this market consultation and submit Your answers for market consultation using Central Public Procurement Information System of Lithuania (CVP IS) or by email [email protected] until 2 April 2021, 15:00 Lithuanian time.

The planned international public procurement will be carried out via CVP IS .

If you intend to participate in the procurement, we recommend pre-registering in the CVP IS system as a user. Only by registering, will you be able to submit an offer.

With best regards,

Public procurement Commission