Contract for the purchase of services for the development of the e-audit IT system, financed by EU4PFM, is signed

This system will assist the State Tax Service of Ukraine in automating the processing of the standard audit file SAF-T UA.

SAF-T (Standard Audit File – Tax) is an electronic reporting standard for the exchange of accounting data. Its primary purpose is to simplify the submission of accounting information when requested by government authorities or auditors.

The e-audit system is being developed as part of a comprehensive approach to improving compliance. The results of the SAF-T UA analysis will be used to identify taxpayers with the highest risk of non-compliance with tax obligations, improving the quality and efficiency of audit actions. This, in turn, will reduce the level of appeals against audit results and decrease taxpayer costs.

EU4PFM continues its work on improving tax administration efficiency and is proud to contribute to the implementation of best practices in partner institutions.