Customs Service is testing NCTS

Thanks to the support of the Public Finance Management Support Programme in Ukraine (EU4PFM), the State Customs Service of Ukraine in close cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has started testing of the New Computerized Transit System – NCTS.

NCTS benefits for Ukraine

The launch of NCTS in Ukraine will deprive the need for businesses to make separate transit declarations between 35 countries that are members of the relevant Convention.

As of today, Customs Service has already developed drafts and proposals for regulations to implement the procedure of joint transit with the countries where NCTS operates.

At present, a trial electronic exchange of customs declarations in a test environment has been successfully completed. After the first group of users will be trained, business, financial guarantors and the customs officers themselves will use the system within the country (in the “Ukrainian domain”). When the Customs Service successfully completes all these works, and the interaction of all participants is tested (the process will take about a year), it will allow Customs Service to formally accede to the Convention on the procedure of joint transit and take advantage of all the benefits of participating in NCTS, in particular:

Data exchange, for example, on the results of customs control between Ukrainian customs and customs authorities of the EU countries will take place directly. This will lead to a decrease in fraudulent actions with accompanying documents, when, for example, the value of same goods in Ukraine and in Poland differs;

Analysis of risks related to the movement of goods will also be significantly improved, and therefore, the number and timing of procedures during customs clearance and customs control will be reduced;

After the launch of NCTS, special transit simplifications will be introduced. For example, the company will have the right to self-seal the goods and take them from its own warehouse with no need to present the goods to the Customs Office when submitting an electronic transit declaration.