EU4PFM and the Ministry of Finance continue the digitalisation of Public Finance Management

To prepare for the EU accession process, the Ministry of Finance has increased its efforts in digitalising PFM institutions.

The implementation of a private cloud environment for PFM institutions is a crucial step towards both consolidating and enhancing the availability of IT services provided by these institutions. Consolidation is a widely accepted approach for improving the effectiveness of IT operations.

By designing a tailor-made action plan for each institution, the MoF will offer the first IT services most needed from other PFM institutions, supporting their digitalisation efforts. 

“With the support of EU4PFM experts, the High-Level Design document was prepared. This document not only outlines the high-level architecture for the private cloud environment but also specifies the required hardware and software, along with budget estimates for implementation. Project experts also provided a description of the current state of critical IT in the PFM area and an action plan for each institution, where spotted problems were addressed”, Dragan Jeremic, EU4PFM International Key Expert on IT, noted.

Next up, a dedicated working group should continue working on the further implementation of the private cloud. This includes finalising and approving the high-level document, identifying suitable donors for equipment purchase, and defining the necessary procedures to operationalize the private cloud.

This initiative aims to kickstart the provision of essential IT services crucial for advancing the digital transformation journey of PFM institutions and facilitating progress towards EU accession.

Learn how consolidating IT resources reduces costs, improves project efficiency, and establishes consistent IT process standards by following the link.