EU4PFM collaborative efforts in Warsaw: strengthening anti-corruption measures within the State Customs Service of Ukraine

On the first day of the three-day workshop in Warsaw, organized with the support of EU4PFM, from June 18 to 20, 2024, we commenced with a focused and promising coordination meeting to bolster the anti-corruption policy of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation, including Sergiy Kaliuk, Head of the Corruption Prevention Division of the SCS, Yuriy Zanik, Chief state inspector, and Nikita Fomichov, Chief state inspector of the Division joined forces with Jacek Kapica, EU4PFM Expert on Anti-corruption activities to enhance the anti-corruption framework within Ukraine’s customs operations, an essential step towards Ukraine’s European integration.

The coordination meeting began with an introduction outlining the core objectives, which included a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the SCS’s fight against corruption, assessing current policies, and seeking expert insights from EU4PFM on further improvements. Sergiy Kaliuk presented the recent steps made by the SCS in combatting corruption, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to maintaining transparency and integrity.

EU4PFM expert, Jacek Kapica, provided valuable feedback on the SCS anti-corruption program, stressing the need for continuous improvement and alignment with EU standards. Discussions also covered societal expectations and survey results, which are instrumental in shaping effective anti-corruption measures. Participants benefited from insights into the Polish Customs Service’s anti-corruption program, offering practical lessons and strategies that can be adapted to enhance the SCS’s initiatives.

The session concluded with a review of the anti-corruption program, focusing on the justification for updates and the needs driving these changes. Key elements discussed included implementation strategies for program management and establishing a timeline for reviews with set milestones to ensure timely progress.

This first day set a strong foundation for the remaining days of the workshop. The collaborative efforts and shared expertise mark a significant step towards strengthening the anti-corruption measures within the SCS, aligning with broader goals of Euro integration and enhancing public trust in Ukraine’s customs operations.