EU4PFM continues introducing “Startbooks”: comprehensive guides to smooth the transition for new employees across all Ukrainian customs offices

This time, the “Startbook” guide, published with the support of EU4PFM, helps new employees at the Lviv Customs Office adapt to their jobs.

“This guide is designed to make integration into the customs service easier,” says Oleg Lozynskyi, the Рead of personnel at Lviv Customs. “It clearly outlines the initial steps for new hires, highlights the priorities and mission of the State Customs Service, and details the path for professional growth and social benefits for customs officers.”

The guide also provides an overview of the Lviv Customs Office’s operational area, the locations of customs posts, and other divisions, along with their specific functions. “Startbooks” have become essential for those new to the customs field, aiding in their quick adaptation. The guides are particularly important as part of the State Customs Service’s HR strategy to refresh its workforce with young professionals.

EU4PFM assisted the SCS in creating online manuals for every territorial customs office, with a customized version tailored to the unique trade and transport dynamics of each region. These manuals also address the specific challenges faced by customs officers in different locations. Additionally, printed versions of the “Startbooks” were produced for the four largest territorial customs offices: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Zakarpattia.