EU4PFM study visit of the State Tax Service representatives to Vilnius: day 2 recap

On the second day of the EU4PFM-organized study visit, representatives from the State Tax Service engaged in a series of enlightening sessions hosted by the Vilnius State Tax Inspectorate (STI). The discussions centered on debt management and risk assessment methodologies, presented by key STI members.

The day commenced with a comprehensive presentation by the STI’s Arrear Administration Department, detailing their systematic approach to debt notification. This session outlined how the STI ensures taxpayer compliance and timely payments through their notification procedures. An engaging Q&A session followed, where participants explored various challenges associated with debt notifications.

Additionally, the Ukrainian delegation examined the legal framework and operational procedures that the STI employs to recover owed amounts directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts. This segment provided valuable insights into the practical steps involved in debt recovery.

The agenda also included an in-depth look at precautionary measures, such as asset freezing, used to secure debt recovery. This session was particularly informative, offering a comparative analysis of the enforcement of such measures.

Attention then shifted to risk assessment methodologies. The STI’s Selection and Audit Support Department presented their approach to calculating the VAT gap, explaining how they identify discrepancies between expected and actual VAT revenues. This methodology aids in formulating targeted compliance strategies.

The day concluded with a comprehensive Q&A session, facilitating a deeper exploration of the presented methodologies. Participants shared experiences and best practices, fostering enhanced cooperation and understanding between the Ukrainian representatives and their Lithuanian counterparts in the field of tax administration.