“I hope that being a customs officer will be my lifelong profession,” remarked Anna, a young specialist, after successfully completing the adaptation process at Dnipro Customs.

The process of personnel adaptation is a key focus of personnel management within the State Customs Service. As part of a pilot project introducing a competence model in personnel management services at Dnipro Customs, the adaptation procedure for newly appointed officials was successfully carried out.

To facilitate active mastery of the profession, including its nuances and specifics, the newly appointed employee received a “Startbook,” that was elaborated with the assistance of EU4PFM.

“Startbook” proved to be highly engaging, offering useful information and a clear understanding of customs operations,” Anna shared.”From my first day at Customs Clearance Department No. 2 of the Kryvyi Rih customs post of the Dnipro customs office, I felt tremendous support and received sincere attitude from the entire team. The adaptation period went by swiftly. I aspire for being a customs officer to be my lifelong career.”

The EU4PFM assisted the SCS in creating online manuals for every territorial customs office, with a customized version tailored to the unique trade and transport dynamics of each region. These manuals also address the specific challenges faced by customs officers in different locations. Additionally, printed versions of the “Startbooks” were produced for the four largest territorial customs offices: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Zakarpattia.