Starting from January 1, 2021, the State Tax Service introduced a single account for all tax payment

With the support of EU4PFM, the State Tax Service has developed a single tax account, an account that every taxpayer can open through an e-cabinet and use to pay liabilities and/or tax debt of tax payments and fees and unified social tax. Using a single tax account simplifies the administration of taxes and saves a lot of time and money.

Introduction of a single tax account

There are three steps to open single tax account:

  • Submit a “Notice on the use of a single account” through the Electronic Taxpayer’s Cabinet using the form J/F 1307001.
  • Receive a receipt for inclusion in the Register of payers who use a single account.
  • Provide settlement documents to the servicing bank indicating the details of the single account for the total amount with or without determination of the recipients accounts.

Every taxpayer can choose the method of paying taxes through a single account: physical person, individual entrepreneur (under general and simplified taxpayers base), independent or legal entity. In addition, the error of payment to the wrong account disappear. This is a particularly useful solution for physical persons and individual entrepreneurs.

Fore detailed information kindly refer to the STS website: