State Customs Service of Ukraine joins Whistleblower Reporting Portal for Transparency and Accountability

The State Customs Service of Ukraine has officially joined the ranks of organizations using the Whistleblower Reporting Portal. This significant step forward aligns with the country’s commitment to combat corruption and promote transparency. It provides a secure platform for individuals to report instances of corruption or corruption-related offenses, including the option for anonymous submissions.

Here’s what you need to know about the portal:

– The portal boasts a robust information protection system, ensuring the confidentiality and security of whistleblower submissions.

– Accessible and transparent: with 24/7 open access, the portal enables individuals to submit reports conveniently and monitor the status and outcomes of their submissions.

– Effective response mechanism: reports undergo preliminary examination within ten working days, with verified cases transferred to relevant anti-corruption authorities.

– Recognizing the risks whistleblowers may face, the portal includes provisions for their protection, including measures to safeguard their life, health, and property, as well as that of their relatives.

Starting from March 2024, the State Customs Service is connected to the Portal.