Customs implemented the Data.Bus exchange based on Apache Kafka

Data.Bus information system is the result of EU4PFM support, which should ensure data transfer within all internal and external systems, databases, registers of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

IT transformation

This solution is the foundation for the implementation of microservice architecture, a modern approach to building IT products, which are used by most popular and mass services, such as Google, Amazon,, Netflix, Facebook and many others. The main point of this approach is that complex modules are created as a set of small, light, self-sufficient, independent, tightly connected services, each of which is responsible for a specific process. This approach is reminiscent of a team, each participant of which is focused on a specific task.

The advantages of Data.Bus and micro service architecture are focused on ease of support, stability and fast scalability:

  • Quick changes to the system and easy, seamless deployment
  • Services potentially easy to understand, support and test
  • The detected problem in one microservice will not undermine the system
  • Different teams can work with different services
  • Allows the system to operate efficiently under extreme load
  • Effective monitoring of stability and quality of work

On May 28, the implementation of the Data.Bus IT solution for the State Customs Service of Ukraine was completed.

Support under the EU4PFM program to upgrade the current IT infrastructure is provided to eliminate “paper” processes and improve the automation of data processing and avoid information leakage.

The pilot project is planned with automation of customs clearance of vehicles. This is one of the most popular services among end users of the services of the State Customs Service of Ukraine. Next in line, export operations and postal services.