The Government of Ukraine has approved the Strategy for Reforming the Public Procurement System for 2024-2026

This document will serve as a roadmap for transitioning the Ukrainian procurement system to European standards, thereby ensuring transparency and efficiency in the use of budget funds.

The Ministry of Economy developed the Strategy with the participation of key ministries and institutions responsible for regulating certain elements of the public procurement system. An Operational Plan for its implementation for 2024-2025 was also approved alongside the Strategy.

Among the goals for the coming years are:

Experts from the previous EU Project “Support to Public Procurement Reform in Ukraine,” who joined the implementation of the new Component 2 “Public Procurement” of the EU Public Finance Management Support Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM Project) at the beginning of 2024, provided advisory support in the preparation of the draft Strategy and its Operating Plan through comments and relevant recommendations.

Analysis of the approved Strategy indicates that most of the Project experts’ significant recommendations were taken into account. Some recommendations not included in the final text remain relevant for further consideration and implementation in the longer term.

Supporting the implementation of the approved Public Procurement System Reform Strategy for 2024-2026 is the one of the key tasks of Component 2 “Public Procurement” of the EU4PFM Project.