Ukraine continues gaining insights from Bulgaria’s customs expertise in EU integration during the third day of the delegation’s visit to Sofia

Topics covered include customs control, intellectual property protection, customs audit, post-clearance, and the Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

The presentation on risk management outlined the EU’s customs risk management strategy, its core principles, and goals, including promoting lawful trade and financial security. The Ukrainian delegation also got insights into Bulgarian customs’ risk analysis systems and an overview of ICS2, a vital part of the EU’s integrated approach to customs risk management.Georgi Georgiev, Director of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Division of Bulgarian customs, shared knowledge on intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, focusing on Regulation 608/2013 and EU customs’ operational decisions for safeguarding IPR.

The Bulgarian representatives noted the importance of the visit, with the Ukrainian delegation demonstrating strong interest in European reforms, even amid a significant military agression. The Ukrainian delegation highlighted the richness of the program, especially practical EU regulation implementation, preparatory steps for EU accession, and areas for potential development like IPR protection, sanctions policy, and tariff regulation.

In light of the ongoing transformative changes, particularly in tandem with the development of the new Customs Code, it’s crucial to adopt information technologies, provide training, and prepare businesses for these new tools, as emphasized by the Ministry of Finance and the State Customs Service of Ukraine.