New Wi-Fi equipment is fully launched at the State Customs Service

Reliable, resourceful, high-speed, and stable Wi-Fi connection enables smooth and convenient work and protected exchange of information. 

EU4PFM has installed modern Wi-Fi equipment with high-performance characteristics, and it is now serving at the premises of the main office of the SCS.

It is of special importance while the SCS has accelerated the digitalisation of business processes and is introducing more and more innovative and modernised IT solutions which require high quality connection, especially for web-oriented solutions and due to the increased need for the SCS employees to work remotely. 

“The centralised management of access to the internet and networks is now meeting the latest requirements for data security, with the required level of security and fault tolerance”, comments Dragan Jeremic, EU4PFM International Key Expert on IT.

EU4PFM appreciates cooperation with the SCS on enhancing its IT infrastructure and we continue working together.