Ukrainian Delegation explores intellectual property protection and customs integration in Bulgaria

The Ministry of Finance and the State Customs Service are actively delving into the experience of integrating Bulgarian customs into the EU Customs Union. Today, a Ukrainian delegation paid a visit to the Sofia airport customs office of the territorial administration of the Bulgarian capital customs. During this visit, they gained insights into the practical aspects of protecting intellectual property rights during customs inspections.

Notably, representatives from DHL Express Bulgaria, the pioneering company to attain the authorized economic operator (AEO) status back in 2008, conducted a presentation for the participants. Ukrainian specialists were given the opportunity to witness the operations of the Department of Operational Activities and Investigations concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, risk analysis, and the exchange of preliminary information. As part of this, the guests observed cargo inspections aimed at detecting narcotic drugs.

Furthermore, the Bulgarian customs colleagues provided Ukrainian customs officials with an in-depth understanding of their Electronic Risk Management System. They discussed the system’s development, technical specifications, and the requirements that shaped it. Bulgarian customs officers also highlighted topics such as collaboration with external developers, the system’s integration with other customs IT systems, and its handling of risk profiles.