EU4PFM continues delivering emergency support for the SCS.

EU4PFM is providing IT equipment to enhance the alternative data center which is a critical step in disaster prevention measures – in the current context of the war in Ukraine it is supposed to perform data recovery. It will allow to ensure IT service continuity and data protection.

We are delighted to share with you that the batch of network equipment has been delivered by EU4PFM to the SCS. 

Dragan Jeremic, EU4PFM International Key Expert on IT, has commented that network equipment will provide secure and reliable connectivity for the reserve data center to the existing SCS network.

EU stands with Ukraine to ensure that the economic activities in the country continue, and the transfer of cargo, including humanitarian aid, is not interrupted. The assistance is provided with the financial support of the European Union in Ukraine under the EU Public Financial Management Programme in Ukraine (EU4PFM).