A workshop about the international IT architecture and cash registers operations

Today, the international IT architecture and cash registers operations were discussed in the two-day workshop held at the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

The second day of the training was attended by specialists from the central office and the main departments of the State Tax Service, who work in the areas of electronic services, tax audit, and risk management.

Victor Vartik, EU4PFM International Expert on IT, presented to tax representatives the experience of Slovakia in IT architecture and implementation of electronic cash registers.

During the workshop, the following topics were discussed in detail:

  • technical issues of E-kasa system functioning;
  • procedures for fiscalization of operations;
  • introduction of online cash registers
  • what is a database – description and purpose, duration of data storage;
  • whether data processing is performed – deciphering the names of goods in the check, and a description of the procedure;
  • approach to risk management;
  • cooperation of state bodies.

In addition, Tax specialists had the opportunity to put questions to the international experts, in particular about the use of electronic cash registers, and received a thorough answer.

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