Another step forward to modern administration with quality services for citizens and business

Starting from May 2023, the STS Contact Centre conducts testing of the deployed new software and hardware, which was modernized with the support of the EU4PFM project. The new software and hardware complex made it possible to raise the service to a new level even in test mode, which was immediately felt by users of the Contact Center services.

Among the main achievements and advantages are:

🔵 the call routing time on the voice answering machine (IVR) has been reduced from 2 min. 20 s. to 1 min. 22 s.

🟢 increase in the level of access from the first appeal (the level of service increased from 27% to 42% and continues to increase with the application of system settings)

🔵 announcement of the number in the queue in the voice answering machine (IVR) and the approximate waiting time before connection;

🟢 receiving information about your debt using IVR,

🔵 ordering a call back through the IVR in case of a long wait;

🟢assessment of the quality of the services provided after the end of the call (87.8% of respondents gave a positive assessment).

Right now, the remote recording service is being tested in the queue for the taxpayers’ service centers.

The modernization of the Contact Centre became possible thanks to the effective cooperation of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the EU4PFM project.