EU4PFM expert opens perspectives for EU businesses in Ukraine at International Conference on Sustainable and Circular Procurement in Moldova

From January 31 to February 2, 2024, in Chisinau, Oleksandr Shatkovskyi, Senior Legal Expert of the EU4PFM Public Procurement Component, participated in the International Conference on Sustainable and Circular Procurement for small and medium-sized businesses from the EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

Organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, the conference took place within the framework of the EU Project “Supporting European SMEs in the field of circular economy to participate in public procurement in Eastern Countries – P2GreenEST.” Representatives from EU and Moldovan businesses, diplomatic missions of EU countries, international organisations and projects, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova Marko Shevchenko, and Moldovan government officials attended the event.

The circular economy aims for the economical and repeated use of limited natural resources without harming the environment and reducing humans’ negative impact on it. Circular economy considerations are part of “green” procurement approach and the EU’s overall green economy policy (more information here).

During the presentation, Oleksandr Shatkovskyi discussed tender opportunities for EU businesses in Ukraine and provided information on finding Ukrainian business partners for joint participation in procurement in both Ukraine and the EU. He also presented the elements of EU Green public procurement approach already implemented in Ukrainian legislation and procurement practices, such as “life cycle cost” assessment criterion, exemplary technical specifications with increased environmental requirements for certain products, and a special contracting approach for implementing energy-efficient measures (ESCO – Energy Saving Contracts). Additionally, he answered numerous questions from conference participants.

Mr. Shatkovskyi also met with Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova Marko Shevchenko to discuss challenges faced by Ukrainian businesses in export markets, particularly finding business partners in Moldova, Romania, and EU countries for public procurement participation.

Supporting Ukrainian businesses for joint participation with EU counterparts in procurement across both regions is particularly relevant in the conditions of war. The team of the new Component 2 on Public Procurement, launched in January 2024 under the EU4PFM Project, provides support and advice in this direction.