EU4PFM provides the best ad hoc IT solutions needed for security of customs infrastructure during the wartime

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the problems of security of customs IT infrastructure and modern equipment for its provision became especially acute.

It is about expanding the capabilities of the UA Customs Data Processing Centers to take the optimal security measures needed during the war.

The EU4PFM project continues to support the State Customs Service and has provided part of the server equipment for the Data Processing Center, which has come a long way from Denmark and Lithuania to Ukraine. This is a modern technique that can increase the ability to securely store information of the State Customs Service.

O. Nikolaychuk, Deputy Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine for Digital Development and Digital Transformations, thanked the European partners for their tangible assistance in providing the UA Customs with quality ad hoc IT solutions.

According to Oleg Nikolaychuk, during the war, the operational and uninterrupted work of the SCS is vital to ensure the arrival of goods in Ukraine, primarily of a humanitarian nature.

The assistance is provided with the financial support of the European Union in Ukraine under the EU Public Financial Management Program in Ukraine (EU4PFM).