EU4PFM Public Procurement Expert attends WTO Committee on Government Procurement

From 19 to 21 March, Oksana Kamianetska, EU4PFM Component 2 Public Procurement Expert, joined the Ukrainian delegation to the World Trade Organisation Committee on Government Procurement (Geneva, Switzerland).

The Ukrainian delegation also included Yehor Tkachyk, Head of the International Activities Sector of the Public Procurement and Competition Policy Department of the Ministry of Economy, and Andriy Blaziy, First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations in Geneva.

Oksana Kamianetska participated in the meeting of the Work Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement. Member countries of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement shared their experiences in implementing sustainable development requirements in the procurement process, taking into account international trade obligations. Participants also discussed current trends and research in this area by leading international organisations, as well as achievements in other WTO committees.

The Ukrainian delegation hosted a meeting of the Work Programme on Collection and Reporting of Statistical Data, which Ukraine chairs. During the meeting, further steps in the development and adoption of a common approach to the submission of government procurement statistics that countries are required to submit to the WTO Secretariat, were discussed.

The Ukrainian delegation also took part in the meeting of the Committee, which includes observer countries in addition to the parties to the Agreement. The main issues of the meeting were the re-election of the Chairman of the Committee and the discussion of the current status of the process of accession of observer countries to the Agreement.

Ukraine’s participation in such missions opens doors to actively defending its interests in the public procurement markets of other countries.