EU4PFM starts supporting the State Customs Service in developing and implementing a Competency Model

A kick-off meeting was held today between EU4PFM international experts, representatives from the Human Resources Department, and the Department for Specialised Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service.

During the meeting, EU4PFM Team Leader Jurgita Domeikiene introduced the international experts to the partners involved in developing a competency system for Ukrainian customs.

The participants discussed plans for further cooperation, shared expectations, and scheduled special seminars on the topic.

The competency model serves as the foundation for the human resource management system, encompassing various processes such as role assignment, employee responsibilities, selection of new specialists, performance assessment, training planning, and remuneration. This comprehensive model integrates all HRM processes and enables effective management.

This model will be based on the EU Customs Competency Framework, which means that the State Customs Service of Ukraine will incorporate the best EU practices and raise customs performance standards. The EU Customs Competency Framework serves as the foundation, outlining a consensus view on the optimal set of knowledge, skills, and behaviour required by customs professionals in the EU.
Introducing the best EU practices, including modern HR tools, to Ukrainian state institutions stands as one of the key tasks of EU4PFM. Therefore, we are pleased to support the State Customs Service along the path to implementing positive changes.