The State Tax Service and EU4PFM: advancing partnership for quality tax services

The meeting between the leadership of the State Tax Service (STS) and EU4PFM marked significant steps in collaboration to improve services for taxpayers.

Discussions centred around the progress of joint projects, anticipated outcomes from IT initiatives funded by the project, and the prioritisation of future cooperation. The STS emphasized the constant monitoring of the needs of payers in the field of service and quality of services.

During the meeting, the STS representatives, alongside EU4PFM, visited the recently modernized Contact Centre. With EU4PFM’s support last year, the STS Contact Centre underwent a comprehensive modernization, unlocking new capabilities and introducing essential technical upgrades, including:

– Implementation of modern software and hardware with enhanced fault tolerance and availability.- Updated voice answering machine and voice menu of services for different categories of customers.

– Introduction of a unified interface for Contact Centre employees, integrating all communication channels and CRM sections.

– Integration of features such as displaying the history of client requests and other service enhancements.

Looking ahead to 2024, shared development priorities include the continuous implementation of projects like e-audit, IT solutions for risk analysis in transfer pricing, and advancements in data accounting systems.The EU4PFM project and the STS are dedicated to achieving high-quality service standards and the effective incorporation of IT solutions to improve the tax system. Together, we are moving towards a European future!