Exploring EU Directives and Taxation Mechanisms: A Study Visit by the Ministry of Finance and State Tax Service of Ukraine to Bratislava

The Leadership of the Ministry of Finance, the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the EU4PFM recently embarked on a significant study visit to Bratislava, Slovakia, to delve into the country’s extensive experience in implementing EU Directives. This visit aims to foster knowledge exchange, facilitate discussions on overall approaches to comply with EU acquis, tax compliance, and learn from Slovakia’s best practices in preparation for EU accession.

One of the primary focuses of this study visit is the exploration of Slovakia’s successful implementation of EU Directives on Excise Duties. During the first day of the visit, the representatives from both countries engaged in in-depth discussions regarding excise taxation policies, including tax rates, collection mechanisms, and strategies to prevent tax evasion. The sharing of experiences and lessons learned in this area will undoubtedly aid Ukraine in aligning its excise duty regulations with EU standards.Preparing for EU accession is a pivotal step for Ukraine.

During the visit, the Leadership of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service of Ukraine will closely examine Slovakia’s overall approaches and mechanisms applied to comply with the EU acquis. This exchange of ideas and strategies will assist Ukraine in formulating a comprehensive roadmap for harmonising its tax laws and regulations with European Union directives.