New Simplifications for Businesses in a Common Transit Procedure (NCTS): How to obtain and use a comprehensive guarantee?

“Using a comprehensive guarantee” is a new transit simplification that became available to Ukrainian businesses with the start of the international use of a common transit procedure (NCTS).

Interest in it is growing, since from February 1, the norms of Resolution No. 1091 regarding the guarantee of goods will expire in Ukraine, and the bulk of goods that are moved will be subject to guarantee. The comprehensive guarantee allows you to reduce the funds that will need to be reserved in the account of the customs authorities for the guarantee, and even get an exemption from the guarantee.

Information about the comprehensive guarantee is available in the infographics posted on the official website of the State Customs Service NSTC. Transit simplification “Use of a comprehensive guarantee”. What if needed to use simplifications. | The State Customs Service of Ukraine ( and NSTC. Transit simplification “Use of a comprehensive guarantee”. Requirements for obtaining authorization and its types. The State Customs Service of Ukraine (

As you know, “use of a comprehensive guarantee”, as well as “authorized consignor status”, “authorized consignee status”, “use of special type seals”, are the main types of authorizations in a common transit procedure.

As mentioned, a new system of simplifications is being introduced in Ukraine, which corresponds to the practice of EU countries. Its important components are simplification in the common transit system (NCTS) and within the framework of the AEO Program. EU4PFM helps the State Customs Service to explain to businesses how the new tools that are being introduced in Ukraine in accordance with EU practice function.