The EU4PFM project handed over a batch of modern personal safety equipment to the State Customs Service

The State Customs Service received from EU4PFM a batch of modern protective equipment designed to preserve the life and health of people, protect from injuries by firearms, cold weapons and shrapnel.

More than 500 bulletproof helmets, more than half a thousand bulletproof vests and, accordingly, more than a thousand ballistic plates (two for each bulletproof vest) were handed over to the State Customs Service from EU4PFM. The equipment is light, strong and meets the standards of NATO countries.Such assistance becomes especially relevant in the conditions of the war waged against Ukraine, and will be delivered by those employees of the State Customs Service who today defend the country with weapons in their hands.Earlier, EU4PFM handed over more than 100 US-made first-aid kits to the defenders of Ukraine.