The results of “customs visa-free” in 2023 were noteworthy: 41,000 transit declarations were completed, and 182 authorizations were granted for using simplified transit procedures.

Throughout 2023, more than 33,600 movements initiated by the customs authorities of Ukraine were successfully completed in the member countries of the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure. Simultaneously, more than 7,600 movements originating from other Convention-participating nations were successfully concluded within Ukraine.

In general, since the beginning of the application of the common transit procedure in Ukraine, since October 1, 2022, customs officials have issued 41,900 transit declarations.

In 2023, there was an expansion of the application of NCTS and the involvement of enterprises to provide authorization for the application of transit simplifications in accordance with the Convention.

During the year, 57 enterprises underwent compliance assessments, resulting in the granting of 182 authorizations for simplified transit procedures. Additionally, over 50 enterprise applications are currently in various stages of consideration. Concerning guarantees within the common transit procedure for 2023, as per the Convention’s terms, 46 general electronic guarantees were registered in the GMS system, with 33 valued at more than €109 million.

Additionally, 2997 individual electronic guarantees were recorded, 2669 of which amounted to almost €173 million.

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