Results 2021: TOP-5 Achievements in Human resource management

The EU4PFM project has summed up the results of activities in 2021.

The TOP-5 results in each area of the project’s cooperation in the PFM field with partner institutions in Ukraine: the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the State Customs Service of Ukraine, and the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine prepared for a public audience.

Today we share the key achievements in Human resource management.

Among the TOP-5 common achievements of the EU4PFM project with partner institutions:

  1. Approved HRM Strategies and Action Plans in 3 partner institutions are under implementation.
  2. Staff engagement surveys are conducted in all partner institutions on regular basis.
  3. Tool for defining competency requirements for the staff of the Ministry of Finance was elaborated.
  4. Partner institutions were strengthened to implement non-financial incentives of the employees.
  5. 2,300 representatives of partner institutions strengthened their capacities and increased level of professionalism as the result of 35 trainings / workshops on HRM and PAR.

Moving forward together!