“Startbook”: tailored guide for smooth onboarding of new customs officers

“Startbooks” are out there now— printed “Startbooks” are being published for the 4 largest territorial customs offices (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Zakarpattia) and online versions for several territorial customs. These comprehensive guides, a collaborative effort between the State Customs Service and the EU4PFM program, offer vital information for beginners or those returning to customs work after a break.

A well-prepared, informative, and professionally formatted employee handbook will allow newcomers to draw crucial information about the SCS policies and procedures, and all the essential practices that are being adopted within the organisation. As noted by the EU4PFM Team Leader, Jurgita Domeikiene, the Startbook will help newcomers to prepare for their new job and respective responsibilities but it also it will help to get them comfortable and feel welcome at the organisation.

The EU4PFM project has been instrumental in developing competence-based people management in Ukrainian customs and providing assistance for the SCS in designing and implementation of modern HRM tools and practices.