“Startbook”: your trusted guide to success at Customs Service

The “Startbooks” are invaluable aids for newly appointed customs officers at Odessa Customs, helping them ease into their new roles. Crafted by the State Customs Service in collaboration with EU4PFM, these guides have become essential companions for those starting their way as customs officers for the first time.

Structured with professionalism, these guides cover everything newcomers need to know – from daily work routines and ethical guidelines to the specific operations of Odessa Customs.

“It’s good that all the useful information, which is very important in the first months of work, is collected in a convenient format both for searching and for perception,” newly hired employees at Odessa Customs shared the impressions. For them, the “Startbook” is the go-to resource, alongside the Ukrainian Customs Code. Mentors also give positive reviews of the “Startbook.”

They find it immensely helpful to systematically introduce their mentees to the intricacies of being a customs officer and the fundamentals of customs affairs.

Overall, the “Startbooks” play an important role in the State Customs Service’s HR strategy, facilitating the swift adaptation of recruits into the customs ranks, especially as the service aims to engage fresh talent and expertise through young specialists.

The EU4PFM assisted the SCS in creating online manuals for every territorial customs office, with a customized version tailored to the unique trade and transport dynamics of each region. These manuals also address the specific challenges faced by customs officers in different locations. Additionally, printed versions of the “Startbooks” were produced for the four largest territorial customs offices: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Zakarpattia.