The EU4PFM program has implemented a project of deployment of seamless Wi-Fi networks in the office of the State Customs Service

Funded by the EU4PFM project, seamless Wi-Fi networks have been installed in the buildings of the central office of the State Customs Service with automatic switching of devices to the nearest access point for use by both Customs officers and visitors of the office. To implement the project, a large number of modern equipment was installed and connected, including 147 Wi-Fi access points, 10 communication cabinets, 2 powerful UPS.

All essential equipment purchased, installed and configured through funds of EU4PFM; the manufacturer is American company Cisco, whose products are the standard of quality, reliability and security in the world of network technologies.

The Customs IT Department is currently testing the reliability and continuity of the networks, which will be completed in the second half of January.

It should be noted that the project not only supplied and installed the necessary equipment, but also provided training for the staff of the IT department of Customs.