The legislative framework should be the basis for the creation of IT solutions for the needs of customs.

LThis was emphasized by experts during the online seminar “EU Regulations in the field of implementation of the “customs decision-making process”, held by EU4PFM for representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

“The customs decision-making system (CDS) is an important component of the European E-customs. Ukraine is starting its implementation. Our task is to provide our Ukrainian colleagues with not only individual puzzles of this system, but a complete picture, starting with the legislative justification and ending with specific IT solutions and examples of their work,” said Vytenis Alisauskas,

EU4PFM Key International Expert.EU4PFM expert Ruta Škadauskaite presented an overview of the EU customs legislation, which establishes provisions on the customs decision-making process to be implemented in national IT solutions.

“No IT system will work without a legal framework. First, there must be legislation that sets goals (such as paperless governance and, in particular, E-customs). It also regulates the types of powers, mandatory data sets and legal regulation of decision-making, exchange and storage of information, application steps, etc.,” the expert emphasized.