The State Customs Service continues the systematic dialogue with business: an online seminar was held on the granting of AEO authorizations and the application of simplifications

On January 13, an online seminar was held on the topic: “The procedure for granting AEO authorizations and authorizations for the application of simplifications”, organized by the State Customs Service of Ukraine with the technical support of EU4PFM. About 400 business representatives took part in it. The seminar is the beginning of active communication of the State Customs Service with business on the subject of AEO and other customs simplifications. 

During the seminar, attention was focused on practical issues, in particular, the procedure for submitting an application for authorization, the regular assessment (monitoring) of the enterprise’s compliance with the criteria and/or conditions for granting authorization, as well as on the very criteria and conditions that the enterprise must meet depending on of the selected authorization.

“In connection with the military operations, the business was forced to rebuild logistics, directing the flow of goods to the western border of Ukraine. This led to an increase in the burden on customs and the accumulation of queues in front of checkpoints. The State Customs Service, for its part, takes all necessary measures, however, we suggest that enterprises also refer to the existing European practice – to organize their activities in such a way that the customs office is left to provide authorization and minimize its participation in the execution of customs formalities,” said Oleg Goya, Director of the Department of Customs Organization Control and Registration of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

He emphasized that the majority of enterprises already meet three of the four AEO criteria, and also drew attention to the fact that the criteria for granting AEO authorization have changed in the direction of simplification.

Oleksandr Moskalenko, Director of the Department of Customs Policy of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, emphasized that the provisions of the Customs Code, which provided for the possibility of importing/exporting goods without visiting the customs authorities, expire in November, so businesses have relatively little time to organize their work using possibilities of benefits and simplifications provided by AEO authorization and other currently available simplifications.

Natalya Semenchuk, Manager of the customs department of PJSC JT International Ukraine, shared the practice of using the AEO status – the company that was the first in Ukraine to receive the AEO status in March 2021.

“We are ready to continue to promote and help businesses, including by providing consultations, so that there are more enterprises with AEO status in Ukraine. The department will provide assistance and quick consideration of applications,” Oleg Goya emphasized.

Speakers also answered the most frequently asked questions from business representatives on the topic of the seminar.

Detailed information on AEO is available on the official website of the State Customs Service in the section “Authorized Economic Operator”.