The State Customs Service continues to inform citizens about the dangers of counterfeit goods.

A new video, created by the State Customs Service with the support of EU4PFM, specifically addresses the hazards associated with counterfeit electrical appliances and equipment. As evidenced by past incidents, these items not only pose a risk of overheating but also melting and even exploding.

This information campaign is part of Ukraine’s ongoing preparations for joining the European Union. Among Ukraine’s obligations as a prospective member of the European customs space is the incorporation of EU Acts into national legislation and the enforcement of European standards, particularly concerning intellectual property rights.

The European Union prioritizes the safety of goods entering its territory.The State Customs Service is responsible for suspending goods suspected of violating intellectual property rights when crossing the Ukrainian customs border. However, counterfeiting will persist as long as there is demand for such products.

Raising awareness about the dangers of counterfeit goods is crucial for reducing this demand.To apply for assistance in protecting intellectual property rights, please visit:

You can complete the application process at