The State Customs Service initiated and EU4PFM supported the idea of development of a new IT solution: a modernised Help Desk system for the State Customs Service of Ukraine

The State Customs Service intends to modernize a substantial portion of its customs procedures by incorporating new IT solutions. This encompasses both internal customs processes and virtually all services. Concurrently, new customs procedures are being introduced as part of Ukraine’s commitments to European integration. The rollout of a comprehensive suite of new IT products necessitates a fresh business support solution to promptly resolve issues and furnish businesses with essential information regarding the new services and processes.

EU4PFM is delighted to announce the commencement of development for a new IT tool. By the end of 2024, the State Customs Service of Ukraine will receive a modernised platform for managing requests and appeals from users of NCTS and various analytical systems.

The forthcoming Help Desk aims to streamline response times and ensure services align with established standards for prices bf applications and incidents. This initiative will enhance the efficiency of customs posts, thereby refining customs procedures and processes. In the future, the State Customs Service plans to expand its functionality by forming a comprehensive Contact Centre.

Dragan Jeremić, the International Key Expert on IT of EU4PFM, stated, “The Help Desk serves as an interface facilitating interaction between business entities and the State Customs Service of Ukraine. It will manage incidents arising from failures or errors in information systems relevant to customs clearance.

This development is particularly crucial amidst the digitalization efforts of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, which are introducing new technologies to expedite business processes and mitigate human errors.”