Ukraine’s EU integration drive: combating counterfeits and upholding standards

As long as there is a demand for counterfeit products, there will always be counterfeit goods. The danger of counterfeit goods is addressed in a new video from the State Customs Service developed with the support of EU4PFM.

Ukraine, as a candidate country, has declared its intention to become part of the single European customs space. Therefore, there is an obligation to enforce European standards, including intellectual property rights. The European Commission prioritizes the protection of intellectual property rights because it’s crucial not only for the economic interests of right holders but also for consumer safety. The European Union ensures the safety of goods entering its territory.

Right holders can apply to the Customs Register for help in protecting their intellectual property and validating the destruction of counterfeit goods. The State Customs Service halts suspicious goods at the Ukrainian border, but individuals must decide whether to buy counterfeit products, acknowledging the associated risks.

Instructions on how to submit an application for assistance in protecting intellectual property rights objects can be found here:…

Ukraine‘s pursuit of EU membership showcases its dedication to global standards and fair trade practices. We are moving forward together!