Ukraine’s Path to eurointegration solidifies with successful NCTS Phase 5 implementation

Today, April 22, 2024, Ukraine, as a member of the Convention on a common transit procedure, transits to the application of NCTS Phase 5. This obligation was a condition of Ukraine’s accession to the Convention.

So, back in June 2022, together with the State Customs Service, EU4PFM concluded a contract with a service provider for the development of this very system. Financing of the development was carried out within the framework of EU4PFM. The Program also supported the development, national and international testing, and implementation of the NCTS Phase 5 system, which paved the way for the international application of the system by Ukraine. The final act of execution of work on NCTS Phase 5 software development was signed by the State Customs Service on April 16.

In addition, EU4PFM financed the development of an IT solution to ensure the interaction of traders with the electronic transit system of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, taking into account the requirements of NCTS Phase 5, the Trader’s Portal. The corresponding contract was signed in November 2023 and executed in early April 2024. The trader portal will be one of three opportunities for businesses to submit declarations to NCTS Phase 5, together with the integration platform “Single Window – EAIS – NCTS”, and brokerage software. EU4PFM helped the State Customs Service in creating video instructions for the first two possibilities.

 “Ukraine is moving to NCTS Phase 5 on time – even earlier than some EU countries. And this proves its ability not only to apply European customs systems but also to develop them “in step” with the countries of the European Union. The experience of implementing IT systems on such a scale as NCTS, and in particular NCTS Phase 5, is a matrix by which other European customs IT systems and processes can be successfully implemented in Ukraine,” noted EU4PFM International Expert on customs Vytenis Alisauskas. According to him, “such successful cases make it possible to positively assess the potential of Ukraine in the context of its European integration plans and motivate further support in this”.

It is possible to submit declarations to NCTS Phase 5 through the Trader’s Portal (, located at the link

Methodological recommendations for filling out transit declarations using the new Trader’s Portal can be accessed via the link –